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I just want to take a moment to appreciate not only the animation on Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes but the charater desgins. Something I absolutly loved about this show and something I hope they continue into the next Avengers series is how each character has a unique facial and body design. Most cartoon shows, superhero ones even more so, have one face and body type for every singal character the only difference from character to charater was the hair and coloring. Seriously really look at the old DCAU, the 90s Marvel animation, or hell even the new young justice series. Each of these shows has a basic model for muscular man, skinny man, woman, young boy and young girl but they don’t really differ much from each other. It’s something you don’t really notice until you look at screencaps with the characters together. On AEMH you can see it. Look Wasp has a small and rounded face with slightly larger eyes than the other females, she also has a more petite form. Hawkeye has a very distinct nose from the other males and in one ep the actually give him tan lines from his mask. Capt. America has a very strong jaw with a dimpled chin but its more rounded than Thors. Look at some of these character varying from main to recurring and tell me they look alike. The only other superhero show I can think of that did this kind of detail was Wolverine and the X-men. And unfortunately that series was canceled too. They say there going to continue this series into the next, my main hope is that they keep the same look and animation team.

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